Body positivity: Self-love is an everyday journey

Self-love is an everyday journey. Picture: Supplied

Self-love is an everyday journey. Picture: Supplied

Published May 13, 2021


It’s true that loving what you see in the mirror isn't always easy. Based on society's standards, we often have unrealistic expectations of how our bodies should look.

However, it's been so encouraging to see people bringing body positivity to new heights.

On Saturday, I attended the fourth instalment of the “All Bodies are Beautiful MeetUp”, which was coordinated by Oyama Botha, body positivity and lifestyle content creator.

The meet-up aimed to establish a South African body positivity network, and to remind people that acceptance and value of all body types is important.

All bodies are beautiful. Picture: Supplied.

BIC Soleil Squad ambassador Amanda Nchukana spoke at the meet-up about how she wasn't always confident about her image, but eventually began her self-love journey.

She said: "I grew up seeing so many different advertisements, with women who did not look like me – or anything near what I looked like,"

"Self-love and confidence is an everyday journey, you have to want to wake up every day and work on yourself.”

Body positivity, according to Botha, means being able to choose the narrative about her body – not only having a positive self-image, but also having society, brands, and others viewing your body in a positive light.

"This is also to enable you, as a person to go beyond and reach the capabilities you can, and become the best version of yourself – without the limitation of your body," she explained.

People who are unhappy with their bodies are more likely to be depressed, anxious, and suicidal, according to studies.

Botha believes that body confidence can be boosted by a variety of factors, including your social circles. Here, she shares tips on how to boost your self-confidence:

Keep your social circle neat

Surround yourself with a good network of people, who boost your self-esteem by encouraging and being open with you – about the hard truths that come from a good place – in a way that will make you a better version of yourself.

Practise self-care

Practise self-care through ways of affirming yourself. Write down all the counter words to the negative things you tell your body. Look at yourself and believe that you are what you say you are.

Know your body

Get familiar with how your body looks. Be comfortable in your naked body by looking at yourself and holding on to the parts that you don’t like as much, while affirming yourself.

Spoil yourself

Don't save that dress for a special occasion, or that lingerie for a partner – get it for yourself, wear it, and listen to some feel-good music. You deserve it.

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