Breast cancer survivor Lindiwe Ratlou show Sefako Makgatho University student, Portia Mokoena how to breast self-examination during the Purple Drive Campaign. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi
While home breast cancer examination is not the best option for many people, according to experts.

According to the SA National Cancer Registry, one in 29 women in South Africa will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Good news,  Breast Cancer Health Foundation says there is a 90% survival rate if it is detected early and the correct treatment is followed.

Some health professions advice that every woman should know how to do it correctly and this is how you should do it.

With the middle fingers of your left hand, gently yet firmly press down using small motions to examine the entire right breast. Next, sit or stand. 

Feel your armpit, because breast tissue goes into that area. Gently squeeze the nipple, checking for discharge.

The best time to do a monthly self-breast exam is about 3 to 5 days after your period starts. Do it at the same time every month. Your breasts are not as tender or lumpy at this time in your monthly cycle.