Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body. File image: Pexels
SOME might argue that there are worse ways to go.

But those who suffer cardiac arrest while having sex are four times more likely to die than other victims, according to researchers.

They found that only 12% of men whose heart suddenly stopped during intercourse survived - far fewer than the 50% survival rate of those who suffered a cardiac arrest while playing sport, walking or gardening.

Scientists believe one reason is that women whose partners collapse are too embarrassed to call for help. The shock might also stop them trying to resuscitate their partner.

Study leader Dr Ardalan Sharifzadehgan, of the Paris Sudden Death Expertise Centre, said: “There’s social embarrassment. They are shocked, they don’t know how to react. The husband is naked, they are naked, maybe they’re afraid to call the neighbours. There’s big, big embarrassment.

“But the take-home message is: you have to rescue your husband.” - Daily Mail