Company sponsors thousands with free immune booster

Published Jul 15, 2020


CAPE TOWN- The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of g ood nutrition and how it is an essential part of a person's defense against diseases.

A Cape Town-based company is donating a month's supply of an immune-boosting supplement to 10,000 residents in vulnerable communities in the Eastern Cape in an effort to help protect against infections like Covid-19.

Kevin Coyne, CEO of Coyne Healthcare, was approached to support specific communities during the pandemic, which is why his company developed a targeted supplement to help boost their immunity.

Speaking to BizCommunity, Coyne said, “South Africans are mostly nutrient deficient, resulting in compromised immunity, so for us the starting point should be to use nutrients to build stronger immunity to help protect against illness. While social distancing, masks and sanitisers may play a role, the immune system is vital for protection – and science confirms that addressing nutritional deficiencies is critical. Neglecting this is counter-productive,".

The multi-nutrient is tailored to address the nutrient deficiency and comprises selenium, vitamins C and D3, zinc and magnesium.

“Stronger immunity and better health should alleviate pressure on the health system. We’d like to further develop this supplement to make it as cost-effective as possible and to reach many more vulnerable South Africans, but we don’t have unlimited resources. We welcome partnerships with other companies and the government. This is not about profit, it’s about saving lives, livelihoods and the economy,” Coyne added.

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