Deadline dropped to move house, but here are the rules.

Published May 19, 2020


CAPE TOWN- South Africans planning on moving house during lockdown no longer have to relocate before what was the cut-off date, 7 June. New regulations have been issued for those needing to move across provincial, metropolitan, and district boundaries.

This once-off movement of persons and goods was issued by government last week and also allows those victims of domestic abuse and violence to relocate.

The new regulations only govern rules under alert level 4. By the end of May, President Cyril Ramaphosa said that most of the country will be placed on alert level 3, however that remains to be confirmed based on the rate of infection in the area and the state of readiness and the capacity of its health facilities to cope with treating infected people.

Here are the rules that apply to those moving house under level 4.

The regulations only allows for once-off moves

Those who are moving need to travel with a permit from court or a police station

Movers also need to travel with the relevant documents which include lease agreements, proof of purchase, transfer papers or a domestic violence order

Victims of domestic violence are allowed to move

Businesses are allowed to relocate

Here is the form you'll need to take to court or the police station, which will become your permit for moving.

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