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Saturday, December 2, 2023

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6 popular gut health trends going viral on TikTok

Gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhoea are just a few symptoms of an unhealthy gut, but it can also manifest in a variety of other ways. Picture from Pexels

Gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhoea are just a few symptoms of an unhealthy gut, but it can also manifest in a variety of other ways. Picture from Pexels

Published Mar 28, 2023


The majority of us are aware of the concept of "gut health" and understand its importance to our overall well-being. But what exactly does having a healthy stomach mean?

Probiotics are a popular trending health and wellness supplement, which is not surprising.

Also, their emphasis is merited, given that they currently publish more than 38 000 research pieces!

Probiotics and their positive benefits on gut health are well-documented in scientific literature.

Probiotic supplements are anticipated to be a focus in the wellness market in the upcoming year due to their demonstrated benefits for things like GI health and immune function.

Be sure to consider the components, research, colony-forming unit (CFUs), probiotic strain, and storage needs while making your decision! And in 2023, look for more products that are supported by research, suggest Dr Michele Helfgott, a specialist in Integrative Medicine.

All things probiotic

For quite some time, gut health has been a hot topic in the wellness industry, and unsurprisingly, it's here to stay! We've seen GI health take centre stage, from probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods like yoghurt, kimchi, and kombucha to gut-healthy routines (including stress management and sleep) to digestive aids and supplements.

A healthy gut offers so much good for your body in addition to aiding digestion (think: maintaining regularity and reducing tummy bloat). Our immune system is bolstered, our mood is improved, we sleep better, and even our mental and cognitive health is supported.

Of course, gut health is a predicted 2023 wellness trend with so many advantages! And we're here to share with you all the latest information. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about gut-healthy trends, new health food products, and more.

Gut-healthy probiotic meals are becoming more and more well-liked, from TikTok trending probiotic yoghurt to trending 2023 fermented foods (like kimchi). Taking gut health seriously isn't necessarily a negative thing, even though we're not saying you should believe every probiotic fad or product advice you see on social media.

We are witnessing a rise in awareness surrounding gut health and its significance for both the mind and body thanks to popular TikTok hashtags like #guttok and #guttalk. Even certain gut-healthy fashion trends, like chia seed pudding and cucumber kimchi, are ones we wholeheartedly support. In addition, trendy functional drinks like kombucha and mocktails.

The following gut health trends are rising in popularity, according to Fit On, a video fitness app that offers workouts in a variety of disciplines, including weight training, stretching and yoga, kickboxing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), dance, barre, meditation, and much more:

Supplements with collagen

Another gut-supporting item we already know and adore? Collagen. You're likely (according to science) to benefit your gut whether you consume it as a full food in the form of bone broth or add a scoop of collagen powder to your coffee or smoothie.

It has been demonstrated to support the stomach and intestinal lining, improve digestion, reduce belly bloating, and reduce inflammation.

And good news: in 2023, expect to see an increase in plant-based collagen supplies due to the popularity of sustainable and plant-based diets and lifestyles.

IBS-friendly cuisine

IBS-friendly foods are on the way, even if plant-based, Paleo and keto diets have recently taken centre-stage in the culinary world. IBS sufferers will be relieved to learn that low-FODMAP and IBS-friendly foods are anticipated to be a major hot topic.

Yet, even if you don't have IBS or other digestive problems, it's typical to notice an increased sensitivity to foods that aggravate IBS, such as garlic and onions! You'll at least be able to try some new gut-friendly food items.

Alternative foods high in fibre

In the coming year, pre-biotic foods like beans, oats, lentils, nuts, seeds, and vegetables will be included in a variety of popular trends. These foods are recognised to be gut-boosting superstars.

These fibre-rich meals help feed the helpful probiotic bacteria in our gut so they may survive and grow, according to a study from Parkview Health, a not-for-profit, community-based health system. These foods range from veggie-based pasta substitutes to recycled nut pulp snacks.

2023 is the year of postbiotics

There is nothing new about pre- and postbiotics, but what about postbiotics? Postbiotics are, to put it simply, the substances that probiotics produce as a byproduct of feeding on (or consuming) pre-biotics. These helpful bacteria have been demonstrated to assist gut health and digestion, despite the fact that this is still a relatively new field of study.

The good news, then? The prebiotic and probiotic foods we are familiar with and enjoy, such as yoghurt, kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, flaxseeds, and other high-fibre foods, are postbiotic food sources. In the upcoming year, anticipate seeing more on this subject!

Plant-based food

The popularity of plant-based diets is growing rapidly; by 2025, it is predicted that the global market for vegan and plant-based foods will surpass an estimated $22 billion! One of the best and simplest ways to support your digestion and general health is by simply consuming a lot of whole food sources of fruits and vegetables, which have so many advantages for the environment, our body, and—surprise!—our gut. Also, studies show that a diet high in different plant foods leads to a more diverse gut micro-biome!

There are various strategies to assist digestion and improve your health, whether you take a lot of probiotics, eat a lot of fibre, or scour the aisles for new gut-healthy foods.

While not all trends are necessarily healthy, we can surely embrace this one because it is both healthful and validated by science.

So make a smoothie that's beneficial for your gut, eat a snack that's high in fibre, or drink a bubbly beverage that contains healthy gut bacteria. There are countless alternatives!

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