Make sure you eat the right food every day with meal preps Picture: Instagram
Many people spend almost a day's evening cooking five super-healthy lunches and dinners for the week ahead to save time.

Is it worth it? Yes, many experts advice on planning your food in advance to avoiding junk food for convince. Health lovers agree and say It's an efficient way for health and fitness fanatics to make sure they still eat the right foods when pressed for time.

So if you are planning on joining the health fanatic you might want to have a few plastic lunch boxes, time and healthy treats in handy. While you are at it, bring your phone to the kitchen-the final product might be Instagramble. 

Here are a few ideas for a paleo diet friendly- everything is plant-based:

For starters, you can start by knowing the different healthy foods that you can pack.

Follow us (@simplyfitsociety) for more . By @ljadeparker . The BIG preps are back!! 💁🏼‍♀️ Have been off my game lately but nice to be starting the week with a full fridge and feeling motivated again - Spent the morning prepping all of this ⬇️ _ ◾Carbohydrates - Did up mostly lower carb veggies + fruit. Have raspberries & blackberries for fruit. Peppers, onion and zucchini done on BBQ. Yellow beans were steamed then made into bean salad and everything else kept raw - Romaine, celery, cucumber, radishes, snap peas. _ ◾Protein - Homemade chicken burgers, BBQ chicken breast, grilled turkey scallopini + lamb chops with fresh rosemary and mint. _ ◾Fats + Snacks - Always the best part 😉 Made no bake chocolate and PB rice crisp squares with protein powder added, chocolate coconut butter cups, then have cashews and @vega_team snack bars!

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Paleo banana nut muffin, leftover chicken livers for breakfast, roast chicken and veg for lunch; and nuts and dried fruit for my afternoon snack.

Roasted pork belly with veggies.