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Millions of Britons last month swore off booze for ‘Dry January’ to boost their health.

But Lorraine Kelly has revealed she simply swapped one vice for another, turning to chocolate and biscuits during her month of not drinking.

The TV presenter, 58, pictured, said she had put on weight, joking she felt as though she had had ‘a hangover for a month’ due to a bug. Marking the end of her ‘Lose The Booze’ campaign, Kelly admitted to ‘counting down the hours’ until she could drink.

She said on Good Morning Britain: ‘I’ve put weight on because I was eating chocolate instead of drinking gin. I needed something.’

But later on her own ITV show Miss Kelly conceded she ‘feels better’ and would be cutting out ‘wine o’clock’. Fellow presenter Kate Garraway, who also took part in the campaign, was found to have lost 30 % of her liver fat as a result.

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