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Monday, December 4, 2023

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Experts reveal 5 best brain foods to eat after a night of little sleep

And as such consuming plenty of brain foods is important. Research shows that the best brain foods are the same ones that protect your heart. Picture by Ketut Subiyanto /Pexels

And as such consuming plenty of brain foods is important. Research shows that the best brain foods are the same ones that protect your heart. Picture by Ketut Subiyanto /Pexels

Published Feb 16, 2023


We've always known that what we eat has an impact on our bodies, from lowering morbidity and mortality to lowering the risk of chronic disease.

Scientists continue to find evidence that what we eat has a significant impact on the health of our brains.

And as such consuming plenty of brain foods is important. Research shows that the best brain foods are the same ones that protect your heart.

Energy boosts are essential following a night of little sleep, whether to power through work, complete a successful gym session, or even run errands. While too much caffeine can cause jitteriness, some people think it's the only way to stay alert.

Our diets can have a significant impact on the structure and health of our brains. A brain-boosting diet can help with both short-term and long-term brain function.

“Getting a good night's sleep is vital for your health, and it is recommended to aim for between 7 and 9 hours each night,” said a representative for Bed Kingdom.

However, for many people, the recommended amount is not always doable for a variety of reasons. "In cases like that, it is critical to provide your body with the fuel it requires to go through the day, which can be accomplished by eating the correct meals, which can be as simple as having an orange for breakfast or a side of sweet potatoes with your lunch."

Thankfully, experts at Bed Kingdom have highlighted five brain foods that make you feel energised after a long night of sleep deprivation.


Avocados are high in healthy fats, fibre, vitamins, and minerals, including potassium, which prevents fatigue by providing energy to the body. With 14 grams of fibre, this also promotes the formation of healthy bacteria, which is essential for your gut. It also goes well with toast for breakfast for an early morning energy boost or with a bagel for lunchtime replenishment.

Picture by Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

The unsaturated fats in avocados may lower the risk of cognitive decline.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate flavanols improve memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills by boosting blood flow to the brain. According to research, eating high-flavanol chocolate can enhance blood flow to the brain in young individuals.

Picture by Lisa Fotios/Pexels

If you frequently crave something sweet, dark chocolate is the ideal food for satisfying your sweet tooth while simultaneously increasing your alertness.

Dark chocolate has a lot of cacao, which is responsible for boosting your energy and sharpening your focus, so you can rely on it to keep you going all day. Not to mention that it is high in antioxidants such as magnesium, which has been linked to a variety of health benefits such as fewer migraines and a lower risk of heart disease.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds, like dark chocolate, are rich in magnesium, which not only benefits your health but also combats extreme exhaustion and high-stress levels.

Additionally, being hydrated makes you feel more awake, and chia seeds might help your body retain a lot of water. You can eat them by blending them into a smoothie, sprinkling them on yoghurt, or mixing them into a salad.

Picture by solod_sha/pexels

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another source of magnesium, but they also contain a lot of vitamin C. This aids in the conversion of fat into energy, thereby fighting fatigue and keeping you alert.

Also, sweet potatoes are a nutritious carbohydrate and might be a fantastic alternative for lunch if you have a very long day and require long-lasting energy.

Picture by Jess Loiterton/Pexels

Sweet potatoes also include vitamin B6, which aids in child brain development and adult brain function. B6 also aids in the production of serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood and helps in stress management.


Oranges are abundant in vitamin C, which boosts your energy, but they also contain a moderate amount of natural sugar, which is turned into glucose, the brain’s best source of fuel.

Picture by Suzy Hazelwood /Pexels

They provide enough sugar to give you energy rapidly, but not so much that it is overbearing and makes you sleepy. Even drinking orange juice instead of eating the fruit will improve your memory and mental performance for the day.