Jennifer Lopez. Picture: Instagram
Jennifer Lopez. Picture: Instagram

Jennifer Lopez flaunts incredible physique as she strips down

By Daily Mail Time of article published Jan 28, 2020

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For most women entering their 50s, looking at old bikini photos is a disheartening experience.

For Jennifer Lopez - who said goodbye to her 40s last summer - the reverse is true. Her latest photoshoot, in a retro animal print bikini for the Guess 2020 campaign has stunned fans.

The actress and singer looks better now in a two-piece than she did in 1997.

Today, she has an impressive six-pack while maintaining the curves to which she owes so much.

She is said to work out for an hour, four to five times a week.

Her famous bottom owes much of its muscular, rounded shape to the platypus walk - a bizarre, bouncing, squatting walk that she demonstrates on Instagram.

When training to play a stripper in last year’s film Hustler, it is said she took the pole dancing training so seriously she made sure she had a pole in every location’ to practise.

Diet wise, she’s apparently very disciplined, staying away from processed foods and eating healthily.

Her trainer Dodd Romero says: “Don’t worry though: she does allow herself one cheat day a week - which probably includes a chocolate chip cookie.”

That’s a cookie... singular. 

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