Picture: Xinhua Some desserts may include 20 spoons of sugar

Restaurant chains have been accused of contributing to child obesity with some desserts containing the equivalent of almost 20 spoons of sugar.

Supersize portions and free re-fills of fizzy drinks are making the crisis even worse, say campaigners.

A Popping Candy Wafer Boat served up by Hungry Horse contains 78g of sugar, which is equivalent to 19.5 teaspoons.

That is 400 percent of the recommended daily maximum 19g of sugar for a six-year-old. The dessert includes two scoops of ice cream, a wafer boat, strawberry sauce, sweets and a sachet of popping candy.

Food charity the Soil Association released the details in a report on the health of meals served by 25 of the UK’s most popular restaurant chains.

Hungry Horse said: ‘We’ve been working with our suppliers to reduce sugar in our desserts and offer healthier alternatives [in] our children’s menu.’