Rushda Moosajee says yoga sessions are best enjoyed at the beach. Picture: Supplied
If you have been training for a while or are just a beginner, you’ve probably figured out that your inner thighs are not the easiest body part to tone.

It is a spot where most women store fat. You may not see changes as quickly as you would like.

Fitness and personal trainer Rushda Moosajee says women are designed with stronger lower bodies.

“We are designed to bear and carry children. Therefore, muscle and bulk development are easier to build on your lower body.”

However, Moosajee says a huge part of results depends on diet.

Fitness trainer Botle Kayamba says one needs to be realistic about fitness goals.

“Stick to what works for you. I’m not competing with anyone else, but myself. I take my time, so I get to enjoy the maintaining process,” says Kayamba.

There are different kinds of cardio to slim thighs.

Moosajee says one does not have to run to tone legs, bums and calves.

She says flat road running sheds the bulk on calves and glute.

Trail running builds calves and glutes, and it strengthens stabilisers and inner thighs.

As an alternative to running, she recommends stairs-running because it is effective to build quads, calves and glutes.

She also recommends high-intensity training and start-stop, explosive and power work to help build muscle in quads and hamstrings. This will add muscle tone, and build power and speed.

Good exercises could include sand drills and beach training, sprints in the mountain, sprints on the treadmill and skipping intervals.

Do this once or twice a week, especially in season - spring and summer - for 30-45 minutes maximum, including warm-up.

Slower, steady work with a hard finish will burn some fat and muscle such as a road jog, trail run, run on the treadmill and elliptical machine.

Jog at a steady state and finish off strong.

Duration of 45-60 minutes maximum, including warm-up, once or twice per week.

If you are just starting exercising, slow, steady and long works will help you burn fat.

Exercise includes a long and brisk walk; long, slow and steady hike: incline walk on the treadmill and a slow session on the elliptical.

Moosajee suggests you set the treadmill on the highest incline of 15 and speed of 5.5-6.

Tip: hold on to the top of the treadmill and take long strides for 45-60 minutes.