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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Suffering from insomnia? These foods could ensure a good night’s sleep

Tart cherries or tart cherry juice contain a high amount of melatonin. Picture: Pexels / Daria Shevtsova

Tart cherries or tart cherry juice contain a high amount of melatonin. Picture: Pexels / Daria Shevtsova

Published Aug 19, 2020


It's recommended to get between seven and nine hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, but many people struggle with insomnia and only get four or five of sleep.

There are a variety of foods that contain sleep-promoting properties which are a natural source of melatonin.

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According to the Sleep Foundation, it is well-established that melatonin produced by the body plays a fundamental role in getting quality sleep, so it’s natural to consider whether melatonin supplements can be used to address sleeping difficulties.

While there are several foods that contain a source of melatonin, the number 1 food to help improve your sleep quality is tart cherries.

Tart cherry juice is also known to promote sleepiness, and it has even been studied for its role in relieving insomnia.

Tart cherries are high in a few important nutrients. A 240-ml serving contains 62 percent of your daily needs for vitamin A, 40 percent for vitamin C and 14 percent for manganese (37).

Additionally, it is a rich source of antioxidants, including anthocyanins and flavonols. Antioxidants may protect your cells from harmful inflammation that can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease

Tart cherries or tart cherry juice contain a high amount of melatonin, and they have even been studied for their role in relieving insomnia. Studies have shown that the consumption of tart cherries or tart cherry juice resulted in increased sleep time and sleep efficiency.

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Other foods that promote good sleep include kiwi. According to Eatwell, a health hub, Kiwi may help you sleep better as well. This green fruit may be the ultimate pre-bed snack.

When volunteers ate two kiwis an hour before hitting the hay, they slept almost a full extra hour, found research from Taipei Medical University in Taiwan. Kiwis are full of vitamins C and E, serotonin and folate-all of which may help you snooze.

If you are looking for a warm meal to put you to sleep, look no future, turkey is delicious and nutritious.

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It is high in protein, providing 4 grams per ounce (28 grams). Protein is important for keeping your muscles strong and regulating your appetite

Additionally, experts believe that turkey is a good source of a few vitamins and minerals. A 28-gram serving contains five percent of your daily needs for riboflavin, five percent for phosphorus and nine percent for selenium.

Many people claim turkey is a great food to eat before bed due to its ability to promote sleepiness, although no studies have examined its role in sleep, specifically.

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