DIY Crafts for Kids: Cinema at Home

Published May 20, 2020


Cinema at Home

Children love going to cinemas and watching their favourite movies. During the lockdown, cinemas and other areas of public gathering have been closed. Here is a simple way to entertain your child during the lockdown.

What you will need:

• Your child’s favourite movie

• Popcorn and snacks

• Cool drink

• Signs

Create signs, similar to what you have seen at the cinema, e.g. bathroom signs and snack bar signs. Get an adult to act as the movie and snack bar attendants. Have your child’s favourite snacks made in a box for them to eat. Before the movie starts, show your child where the bathroom is, as if you were at the movies. Take them to another room or dress up your lounge to look like the theme of your child’s favourite movie, that you would be viewing. Enjoy the movie.

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