DIY Crafts for Kids: Dessert Balloon Bowls

image from Me.Me

image from Me.Me

Published Jun 24, 2020


Dessert Balloon Bowls

These bowls are fun to make and help your children to become more motivated to get to their dessert.


• Balloons

• Melted Chocolate

• Edible Décor

Blow the balloon to a medium size and wipe the balloon so that there isn’t any plastic residue on it. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and dip the balloon in the chocolate, only the bottom of the balloon should be covered in chocolate. Remove the balloon from the chocolate and either dip it in a bowl with your décor or sprinkle your décor onto the balloon. Place the chocolate balloon in the fridge to harden. Pop the balloon and remove the balloon piece from your bowl, once you are ready to serve with it.

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