DIY Crafts for Kids: Wind Chimes

Published Jul 20, 2020


Wind Chimes

As we experience heavy winds during the season, this would be a fun activity to do with your children. This craft can be on display for them to see constantly.


• 1 Plastic Lid

• Twine

• Buttons and Beads

• Scissors

• Glue

Cut a hole in the centre of the lid and thread a long piece of twine through, for hanging the wind chime. Knot the ends of the twine and glue the knots to the lid. Cut four holes around the edge of the lid and thread one piece of twine into each hole. Knot one end of the twine and glue the knot to the lid. Thread different combinations of bead and buttons through the twine. Knot the end of the twine.

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