Zaakirah Khalek, 28, a personal trainer. Picture: Bhekikhaya Mabaso

EXERCISE does wonders for many but leaves others cold.

Now scientists have found that genes can govern how good or bad we find going to the gym or for a run or bike ride.

Our make-up explains up to 37 per cent of the difference in how calming, energising or fun people find exercise.

Dutch researchers suggest genes control the reward centres of the brain, which flood us with ‘happy hormones’ during exercise, said the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

The importance of genetics was calculated by asking 226 pairs of twins with different levels of unspecified shared genes to run or cycle.

Lead author Nienke Schutte, of VU University in Amsterdam, said: ‘It means the one-size-fits-all approach to getting people exercising won’t work.’

The study said genes may affect the psychology of exercise, making us extroverts who get a boost from the gym or neurotics who worry about our muscles and joints.

Yesterday the Daily Mail told how nearly half of UK adults are so inactive, they fail to go for a brisk walk even once a month.

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