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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Does exercise boost immunity? What to know about working out during coronavirus

Why you should stay active to stay healthy during coronavirus. Pictures: Pexels

Why you should stay active to stay healthy during coronavirus. Pictures: Pexels

Published Apr 29, 2020


With everything going on right now, plenty of us could find ourselves overwhelmed from the tension and discomfort that comes with being in quarantine, and our regular fitness habits that no longer can be a choice with gyms being closed. 

Exercising is necessary anyway, and it can also even improve your immunity.

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Try at-home workouts


Download a fitness app, or try out any at-home exercise tips. Live streaming courses are available to keep you inspired, or you can watch and complete lessons on your own time. And if you prefer to put on some music and do your own thing, all that matters is to have your heartbeat up and encourage your body to remain in motion.

Do not sit all day

It is easy to sit all day while working from home and being in quarantine. This is the main thing to not do. Whether you are watching TV or working from the sofa, take breaks to stroll around the house and get up. Staying healthy improves our physical well being, and lets us maintain the immunity better.

Exercising makes you feel more healthy and strong, So go-ahead for that stroll or a jog cause you will feel better and healthier.

There are also plenty of other forms of exercise you could try out.

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There is limited evidence right now to confirm confidently whether or not exercising regularly actively enhances immunity but exercising is a crucial foundation for a healthier lifestyle anyways. As we continue to work together to help fight coronavirus spread (Covid-19), it's important to keep our mental and physical well being good.

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