Dr Sindi is celebrated on Twitter. Pic: Twitter
On social media, people can grow their profile to such an extent that they become as powerful and influential, if not more, than celebrities. 

Dr Sindi, a GP who has over 108 000 followers on Twitter, is a great example. The doctor brings followers into her world by sharing about her family life and is loved for her transparency when it comes to things she is obsessed with - Blackberry and Woolies among a few others. But most importantly, she cleverly and sometimes humourously gives medical insight and health tips that make people stop in their tracks. Who can forget the “cake” thread? From that cake to one people actually want to eat: birthday cake. Today is Dr Sindi’s birthday and well wishes have poured in so much she was trending with the hashtag #SindiTurns43. Of course, she has stayed online to respond. Here are some of the messages that were sent to The People’s Doctor: