Picture: filed E-cigarettes a health risk for teenagers

Experts agree e-cigarettes – which turn a liquid form of nicotine into vapour to be inhaled – are far safer than tobacco, but many scientists still have concerns.

Studies have raised fears some flavourings increase the risk of ‘popcorn lung’, a condition that may leave sufferers needing a lung transplant. Research suggests chemicals that flavour the nicotine can impair the body’s healing process, leading to lingering wounds. And a paper presented at the European Society of Cardiology congress last year said vaping results in significant damage to key blood vessels, raising the risk of heart attacks.

Dr Juliane Kokott, advocate general to the European Court of Justice, warned in 2015 that vaping may also provide a ‘gateway’ for teenagers to start smoking tobacco.

But Public Health England says the devices are ‘95 per cent safe’.

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