BIPASHA Basu, pictured, has urged the country’s youths to understand that fitness is about a way of life rather than a goal - and so, she says it’s always important to take the right nutrients to be healthy.

"Essentially, being healthy is at the root of fitness. An active body can successfully keep many diseases and ailments at bay.

"However, while being active and exercising, it is equally important to fulfil the nutritional requirements of your body,” added the actress.

Bipasha was at the launch of Proquest Nutrition - nutritional supplements from VRS Foods, that can aid people’s workout goals.

In recent years, the focus on fitness has become an integral part of the lives of a large number of Indians, who are more aware and conscious of the need to stay healthy and fit.

The proliferation of gymnasiums and workout centres is an example of this quest to look good and feel good.

“Individuals involved in rigorous exercises to bulk up their bodies need much more than normal food, they need supplements to make up for the nutritional requirements, and to avoid exhaustion and burnout.

"This is also true for sports persons and athletes, who need a sudden, intense burst of power on the field.

“At the same time, they also need additional inputs in digestible protein form to boost their muscles and fulfil their workout goals.

"On the other hand, individuals working out to lose weight need to make sure their diet control doesn’t leave them nutritionally deficient.”

Rajendra Singh, managing director, VRS Foods Ltd, said: “Proquest Nutrition is a comprehensive series of products that takes care of all these requirements.”