Rushtush three-months postpartum. Picture: Instagram
In winter it may be difficult to stick to your exercise routine. Longer nights and shorter days, make it easy for you to just want to go home. 

I know what it feels like to need a little motivation to help you stay on track. Here are some people to help you leave work to go straight to the gym and keep yourself motivated on getting your fitness goal. 

Rushda Moosajee also known as Rushtush's body is goals. She gave birth to her son last year but her body is looking all kinds of amazing. Her secret? Exercise exercise, before you give birth and after  

Letshego Zulu co-founder of PopUpGym and health and fitness enthusiast is probably one of the most constant people when it comes to health and fitness. A scan through her social media will give you enough reasone to eat healthy food and stay commited on a healthy lifestyle. 

Zinhle Jiyane, who is popularly known as DJ Zinhle, has been working so hard on her body. We haven't seen any posts her gym routine but we are seeing the results.


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