Running can be a grind or pleasurable. These apps will add to the fun of both. Picture: Pexels
Even though running can be challenging, runners can't stop talking about how fulfilling it is.

But it can also be lonely on the road, and your phone needs to became your running bestie. 

These apps for Android and iOS can help you meet your goals. 


Strava tracks your progress over time, so you can compete against yourself. But what makes this app extra special is its local route locator and leaderboard features, which allows you to compare your pace to that of other.


If you think running is pointless without knowing how many kilometres you’ve clocked each week, month, or this year, or you'd like to investigate how your runs have changed over time, this is for you. 

10K Runner

Your first 10 kilometres training can be challenging. This 14-week programme is designed for new runners to conquer their first 10K  with three runs per week. 

Road ID

Running in the early hours or late in the evening can be scary. This app uses “eCrumbs” or “electronic bread crumbs” to track your location as you run, allowing your friends and family to keep tabs on you. A plus, you can create a personalised lock screen displaying your in-case-of-emergency contacts and  allergies or medical conditions.

Map My Run

Nothing is as challenging and exciting as trying new routes. Map My Run can help you discover new paths with its routes tool. Whether you've moved to a new neighbourhood or you travel often, this is your go-to-app. 

Stretching and Flexibility Plans

Running is sore, that's why stretching is important.  With 50 stretching routines sorted by fitness level, time, and sport, this app provides plenty of moves to help runners recover.

Nike + Run Club

Whether you’re going for a half or full marathon, Nike + Run Club offers ample flexibility: You can reschedule your run or skip it entirely, in which case the app adjusts your training schedule so you’re still ready for race day.