Tv presenter Ayanda Thabetha Picture: Instagram
Tv presenter Ayanda Thabetha Picture: Instagram

Fitness inspo: 3 local celebrities who are serving us body goals this winter

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published May 25, 2021

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It’s easy to look at stars and celebrities and assume they just work out all the time, but celebs still have to drag themselves to the gym or a workout class, the same as anyone else, and they have to put effort into their healthy lifestyle for long-lasting results.

Just like the rest of us, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. But with dedication and consistency, you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

If you still need motivation to work out, take a look at some of our celebrities who are busy at the gym.

Anele Mdoda

TV personality and presenter Anele Mdoda might not be sharing her daily fitness routine, but we can tell that the radio personality is shedding kilos. She recently hosted a birthday party wearing two dresses that showed off her legs. Pictures don’t lie – Mdoda is putting in the work.

Ayanda Thabetha

When it comes to TV presenter Ayanda Thabetha, one may easily think the star just happens to have a bikini body all year round. But the star has been consistent in working for her body. She has been doing and posting a full-body functional workout, high-intensity training sessions, and her detox methods.

Unathi Nkayi

With winter and a busy schedule it’s easy to fall off the health wagon. Idols judge Unathi Nkayi said on an Instagram post that she went back to the gym after a month.

“Walking into the gym after a month and everyone, older, younger, staff, etc says, ‘Unathi you’re so scarce. Phela, we miss you when you’re not here because of you’re a vibe.’

“And that time I wanna say ‘Tsek’. But have to acknowledge how inconsistent I have been and that the only thing that got me out of bed was hearing myself say ‘Heyi ungabavuyisi’ (Don’t give them the satisfaction). It’s okay to not have it all together. Just honour yourself and how you’re feeling.”

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