Picture: Supply Queenax focuses on using tools in a fun and playful way - such as swinging from monkey bars.
We all know how great exercise is for our bodies, mind, and how it boosts one’s self-esteem.

But it is a reality that only doing one type of exercise is not only tedious, but it can lead you to miss out on lots of great benefits. While doing the same routine can leave you unmotivated, for some newbies they may find the whole exercise routing intimidating.

But with new fitness trends this year, from functional training to strength training, including training apps, you don’t have to despair.

Piet Oosthuizen, head of product at Virgin Active South Africa says the new Queenax training workout - which is listed as one of the top 10 training trends by American College of Sport Medicine this year - is one of the most fun ways that takes boredom out of an exercise routine.

What is Queenax training?

Queenax training is a form of exercise that is conducted around a specialised frame, focusing on functional and suspension movements. There are multiple points on the frame where you can attach different pieces of kit or attachments, that we call tools, thus enabling a wide variety of exercises to be performed.

The exercises conducted on the Queenax are variations of movements based on the primal movement patterns, which includes exercise focused on push, pull, squat, bend, lunge, twist and move or locomotion.

What are the benefits of Queenax training?

Queenax training is focused around functional training, which allows you to replicate the movement pattern of your sport or train your body to support the specific demands of your lifestyle.

As the Queenax frame is so versatile, it can be used for a number of different types of exercises and training protocols, that allow you to change your routine to meet your fitness goals.

The tools or equipment you attach allows regression and progression dependent on your ability. It is also a platform that can be used to train groups of people so those wanting to train with family and friends in a more social space are catered for.

Why is it becoming popular?

The great thing about the Queenax is that as a training modality it helps everyone from the average gym goer, to a high-performing athlete to the elderly.

For those looking for a more structured experience and strength training, Queenax provides it. All these methodologies form part of the top 10 of the current fitness trends for 2018.

Think about classes such as The Grid, HEAT, Big 5 or Twenty-four, which all incorporate exercises common to the "functional" training approach.

Many personal trainers and group exercise instructors are shying away from using single plane, closed chain and single-purpose pieces of gym equipment in favour of multi-plane, open chain and functional movement training for their clients.

Are there different types of Queenax training?

Queenax training can be done at both an individual and group level. The variety of movements and exercise that can be completed are endless depending on the selection of tools you use on the frame.

Personal trainers who present classes focus on developing circuit training sessions for beginners, athletes and for general fitness. Each of these sessions usually has a theme such as play, foundational, therapeutic or performance.

Play focuses on using tools in a fun and playful way - such as swinging from monkey bars.

Foundational training focuses on using tools and movements aimed at the beginner using simple and uncomplicated exercises like push-ups.

It is not only therapeutic, but it can be used for rehabilitation reasons. For instance a biokineticist might use the Queenax to train a client who is going through a rehabilitation programme.

I’m an advanced trainer, will I enjoy it, and is it beneficial for me?

The answer is yes. The ability to regress and progress your training on the Queenax is limitless. The Queenax is current, on trend and will no doubt be able to offer exercise options for the most seasoned athlete.

I recently joined the gym, will I enjoy it?

The Queenax is again a great piece of kit to use as a beginner. It oozes fun! Starting out you will feel like you are back in the playground of your youth, hanging from monkey bars and climbing up ladders. This however isn’t a kit that is purely aimed at the beginner.

Getting your technique correct from the start really helps to get maximum benefit from your workouts, and so I would recommend that you get a fitness instructor to spend some time with you on some exercises you can perfect on the frame.

What are the best ways that people can spice up their exercise routine?

Be brave - no one wants to look foolish on the gym floor, but every now and then step out of your comfort zone. Try that new piece of kit or new group exercise class. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

Play games - don’t take training too seriously, have fun and enjoy it. As kids we used to explore our limits, grow our bodies and develop our resilience while swinging from the monkey bars in the playground or running up the hill while playing tag with our friends. We may not have realised it at the time but while we were "playing" we were building up our bodies and minds.

Train with others - while some people enjoy the solitude and escape of their daily fitness session, many people prefer being around and interacting with others. It’s fun training with a buddy or colleague, but the true advantage is in the little sparks of competition you find within your group.

There is also a learning element associated with training with a friend or in a group. Being able to watch how to execute a movement makes all the difference between a good versus amazing training session.

Seek out advice - very few people who have achieved excellence in a field have done it without a lot of help along the way. If you want to keep your exercise routine on trend, relevant to you and you want to keep on achieving your fitness goals, don’t be afraid to reach out to others. Speak to your obsessive compulsive triathlon, running or gym buddy, share in their knowledge and let them motivate you.