We caught up with Witkowsky to get to know him a bit better and find out how he prepared his body for the Maldives. Picture: Supply
Cape Town’s  Rudi Witkowsky is known for his killer abs, his passion for fitness and now a contestant on Tropika Island of Treasure Maldives Season 8 contestant.

The show takes seven contestants and pairs each of them with a celebrity partner and lets them compete in various challenges on a luxurious island resort. The grand prize for the winning team is one million rand.

Witkowsky was been partnered with actor and musician Nay Maps.

The modeller choice fitness over his 9 to 5 job as a qualified chartered accountant (CA)  to pursue his career as a  health coach and personal trainer. He has recently developed an online fitness programme which can be performed at home- which will be launched in the next coming weeks. 

He was crowned HeatMan Watch winner 2013,  has been part of many Men’s Health healthy lifestyle campaigns and was a Cosmopolitan Sexiest man 2018 Finalist.  We caught up with Witkowsky to get to know him a bit better and find out how he prepared his body for the Maldives.

Who is Rudi Witkowsky? 

I’m an average guy that went to UCT obtained an accounting degree and honours in accounting and eventually qualified as a CA(SA). 

I  was just like everyone else trying to secure a sustainable future in today’s society, however, I always had a passion for entertainment and sports. 

I had a strong passion for fitness and health that instead of focusing on his studies he focused on his fitness ability and was hence unsuccessful. 

After I qualified as a CA I was too afraid to pursue fitness because the “world” makes us believe that you can only succeed if you are a lawyer, accountant, doctor, or engineer. 

As time passed by he realised and started to pursue my true passion.  So I broke into the modelling and fitness world and continued to pursue fitness and health alongside my regular 9-5 day job. Later, I qualified as a fitness instructor and advised many people on nutrition, health and fitness. 

Why are and how did you get involved in fitness? 
It started with a passion for sports such as Rugby and cycling. I played rugby at club level until the age of 21, but studies got hectic. I then continued cycling and surfing as I could do this in my spare time. Then started going to the gym because I was looking for something more and in search of something that was time efficient between work studies. Then my interest grew immensely and I never looked back because my health and body is the best investment you can make. 

Please tell us how you prepared yourself for the Tropika Island? 
I did lots of functional and High-Intensity Training(HIT) training. I knew that television show would require me to push myself to a breaking point. I trained until I felt I could not anymore and then aimed to push through from that level. I set myself unreasonable targets to achieve. I trained at a high heart rate.

Do you have specific eating plan-if so why or if not, why? 
Not really. I eat in moderation. I love carbs and am a sucker for sweet things. Previously I would follow strict diets, but it is not necessary when you understand your body. I do however not really consume fizzy drinks.

How was the experience of Tropika Island?
 It was better than I expected. All the participants are like family to me. We all just got along so well. I made life-long friendships. The experience in the Maldives was world class from residing in  5 start water villas to dining at 5-star restaurants and indulging in the best gourmet food -  the Adaaran Resorts were incredible. 

What is your advice for aspiring fitness enthusiast? 
Start off with small goals. Do not try and compete with the other people around you. As long as you are progressing each day you are in the right direction. Everyone has different goals. Learn to love your body. You are your obstacle. Finally, just start today!