She ate just 700 calories a day to lose weight. Picture: Scarlett Moffatt: Instagram

The promise on Scarlett Moffatt’s fitness DVD was simple: if you follow the exercises and her diet, you can drop dramatic amounts of weight, just like she did.

But the reality TV star left one crucial detail off the box – that she had actually achieved her three-stone weight loss by going to a gruelling boot camp, where she ate just 700 calories a day.

A source said: ‘The DVD is a sham really. There is no mention of the boot camp where she was climbing mountains and exercising for six hours a day.

‘Scarlett is one of the most popular young women on TV – a real girl-next-door figure. The DVD gave fans an unrealistic portrayal of how she lost weight.’ The 27-year-old presenter released her SuperSlim Me Plan DVD on Boxing Day 2016. The DVD promotes exercises as well as a 1,200 calorie a day diet.

The former Gogglebox star is said to have gone from a size 18 weighing 11 st4lb to a size 8 and 8 stone as part of the R1.6 deal. But to help her achieve it, she joined a five-month programme at a strict boot camp in Switzerland where she survived on just 700 calories a day.

The source told the Sun on Sunday: ‘She was really struggling. She was on a starvation diet, exercising way too hard. She was pushed to breaking point.’

A spokesman for Miss Moffatt told the newspaper: ‘She did go to a boot camp and it was a horrid experience. She had to weigh herself every day and was put on a very low-calorie diet — but she categorically did not take any pills.’

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