KEEP GOING: The longer you allow yourself not to exercise the harder it becomes to pick yourself up.
Waking up on cold, rainy and dark mornings to jog or go to the gym can be mission impossible.

For afternoon gym-goers, going to shed a few kilos instead of rushing home to laze around needs motivation.

If you are struggling to maintain the exercise routine you perfected in the summer, you’re not alone.

Lee Thompson from F45 gym in Camps Bay says it takes time, dedication and hard work to achieve your fitness goals.

“It’s easier to maintain your ideal physique rather than to yo-yo, all year round. It is true that summer bodies are made in winter.

“This motivates people to work hard during the winter time so they can enjoy the warm beach weather,” said Thompson.

We asked Rudi Witkowsky, a fitness and health consultant, and the finalist of Tropika Island of Treasure Maldives, how people could stay in shape when the temperature dropped and days got shorter.

Rudi Witkowsky, a fitness and health consultant

Why is it important to keep motivated to exercise all year?

Today we are faced with lots of chemicals and toxins in foods, and constantly under stress in our jobs.

Stress is a silent killer and coupled with unhealthy foods, our bodies are not getting any healthier. As a result we need to exercise more regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Just like having goals in life in order to aspire to success, it is important to stay motivated to exercise.

The longer you allow yourself not to exercise the more difficult it becomes to pick yourself up and start again. You become depressed after a long lay-off of exercise, as it takes you longer to see results or obtain the body you previously had.

As a result you become demotivated and stop altogether, telling yourself you will start again tomorrow. In chasing your fitness goals and self achievement, you get healthier and fitter.

How do you find the motivation to exercise?

Simple - if you want to be more active as you age, start respecting your body today.

As a fitness expert, I believe you need to practise what you preach.

With the foods we eat today, our bodies are exposed to more toxins and chemicals which our bodies struggle to rid itself of.

Our bodies are not designed to consume these toxins so work harder to keep your body and mind healthy.

I personally exercise regularly because I’m in partnership with my body to get it healthier.

What I put in, is what I get out. The body cannot do it alone.

How do you squeeze in exercise while at work?

With technology everything is at the tip of your fingertips.

Get up and walk to a colleague for information instead of e-mailing them, particularly if they are upstairs or a few metres away from you.

To encourage walking, also get up to fill the water bottle instead of asking someone.

Most importantly, prepare a packed lunch at home in order to prevent yourself from consuming an unhealthy meal on the go.

Any tips for indoor exercising?

I mainly exercise at home. There are a variety of exercises you can do at home. Most importantly invest in a skipping rope. It will change your life.

Body weight is one of the most effective methods of training. Not only does it keep you fit and healthy, but it is not strenuous on your joints.

I follow my own 28-minute high intensity interval (HIT) training workout programme which improves my functional ability, toning and helps me stay in shape.

But for anyone who wants to do home exercise, grab a mat, skipping rope and work away.

You can start with mountain climbers: they activate your core and overall fitness. Start with placing both hands and legs on the floor and raise your body into a plank position and bring each knee towards your elbow, alternating sides.

Another good exercise is burpees: they get your heart rate pumping and are the perfect all-time HIT exercise.

You can start by placing your hands on the floor in front of your feet and shift your body weight on to your hands. Then explosively jump into the air and reach for the sky, coming back down into the same position, landing on your hands first and kicking your feet back out to the first position.

Any last words?

With anything in life, it requires a bit of effort and work. Relationships require work, your job requires effort, family requires work and so does your body. Look after it and treat it like gold.

The best investment that you can make is in your health and not wealth.

The wealth will not exist without your health.