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Singer Leona showed off her toned legs at an awards ceremony recently. 

File image: AP

The former X Factor winner, 32, is a fan of spinning classes, running and hot yoga.

She says: ‘I do four hour-long workouts a week — from the indoor cycling class SoulCycle to hiking with my dog.' National Nutrition Week, from 9 to 15 October 2017, highlights malnutrition and encourages residents to make better food and lifestyle choices to lower their risk of developing chronic disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

What to try: 

The single leg circle is a great way to tone legs. Lie on your back with arms by your sides and palms facing down. 

Point your left foot upwards and rotate your leg slightly outward. Inhale and trace a circle on the ceiling with your left leg, keeping your hips still. 

Trace the circle three to four times clockwise, then anti-clockwise. Perform three sets on each leg.

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