Social media reacts to Kuli Roberts' weight loss

Actor and media personality Kuli Roberts. Picture: kuliroberts/Twitter

Actor and media personality Kuli Roberts. Picture: kuliroberts/Twitter

Published Feb 4, 2021


Actor and media personality Kuli Roberts has never been one to shy away from revealing her legs.

The actress posted a picture of herself wearing a swimsuit and flaunting her legs and social media went all in with the comments with most fans thinking she’s lost too much weight.

While some people may think that it’s just a comment, some came to her defence and thought the comments were body shaming the actress.

Body shaming is not new on social media and trolls love flooding the comments session.

One user said “the amount of body shaming here is disappointing .... Black people on black people.”

Another one asked for people to tone it down on being mean: “People are so damn mean here. There's no need to make fun of her, stru.”

One fan who seemed to have her words disguised as concerned, but still weighing in on Robert's weight. “We love you sister but you don't look ok at all.”

The comment section was also filled with people who came to her defence. “Some of y’all don’t have half the confidence she has without spending hours in front of the mirror .Show us more mama , banyise nyi!!!!!”

However, Roberts has grown thick skin over the years and seems to be unbothered by the comments.

In a recent interview with Drum Online about the matter, Roberts said she grew up being teased about her dark skin tone and explained that this was one of the reasons why she remained unconcerned by the comments.

Living through a stressful time, given the current global pandemic, Roberts said that this was also affecting her appetite and mental state, which contributed to her weight loss.

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