We have put up a list of the best workouts on YouTube to help you reach your fitness goals. Picture: Pexels
Going to gym is not easy, at the best of times it's a chore and you need to motivate yourself to just get to the gym's entrance

Its really not as easy as the fitness influencers make it out to be.

Fitness regimes require time, consistency and a bit of extra effort. 

But it doesn't have to be that hard. You can get the same results at home if you have internet access and a desire for a summer body.

We've put up a list of the best workouts on YouTube no matter what you're in the mood for. The nice part is it's free and it's been proven that it can work.

6 Minute Standing Ab Workout.

This workout is great for the abs. You stand and work the abs in just 6 minuets. Brace yourself its not easy as it looks!

30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio & HIIT Workout

This is no-equipment workout includes three circuits that are going to get your heart rate up and have you feeling the burn.

Nkateko  (Takkies) Dinwiddy dance workout. 

If you would like to switch it up a little and dance your way to a summer body than this video is for you. 

You can learn dance moves that will help you lose a few kilograms. 

15-Minute Beginner's At-Home Cardio Workout

If you feeling a little intimidated about starting an exercise routine, then this video is for you. It help you with the basics and get you in the mood.

Anna Victoria's Booty-Sculpting gym workout

If you're down for a serious leg day at the gym, play this vid and let fitness influencer, certified trainer, and all-around adorable human Anna Victoria walk you through the whole damn thing.