Yoga can help children better navigate life’s challenges. pictures: supplied
Yoga may help a shy child develop confidence and awareness.

While yoga is well-known for improving strength, concentration and relaxation, experts said it can also help children socialise better at home and school.

Suzie Manson, founder of the Yoga 4 Kids, said children with sensorial problems, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other learning difficulties such as dyslexia, low and high muscle tone and autism can benefit from yoga.

She said children were becoming more prone to conditions such as depression and anxiety.

“Yoga therapy, mindfulness and wellbeing practices can help our children to counter these stressors as they create the download time necessary to put their sensory world into perspective,” said Manson.

Yoga not only can help children to relax better, but through it they can also learn techniques to gain inner fulfilment that helps them navigate life’s challenges.

Cami Barausse, a children’s yoga instructor, said yoga benefited children in developing confidence through the realisation of their abilities and limitations.

She said by learning to accept and appreciate their minds and bodies, children were able to improve at absolutely anything they set their minds to, thereby improving confidence.

“Self-confidence grows when we break through barriers we might not have thought possible. Yoga is the practice of connecting the mind with the body, whereby we don’t only overcome our physical constraints but our mental ones too,” said Barausse.

Manson said children of all ages could do yoga. Babies can start as early as six weeks to encourage body awareness and bonding with their mothers.

“Yoga supports babies in the developmental steps that lead to walking. It is also great for toddlers, provided it’s modified for their quick-moving bodies and minds. Older kids can do yoga in a playful way, with more detail added to poses.

“Tween classes can then involve more depth and cover topics like anatomy and meditation” said Manson.