French restaurant only serves SA wine to support industry

Published Aug 13, 2020


CAPE TOWN - The lockdown regulations continue to prohibit the sale and transportation of alcohol with the industry struggling immensely to stay afloat during these tough times with initiatives from around the world recognising the struggle with a French restaurant in Nice supporting South African wine industry.

South African wines are amongst the top-rated in the world with wine farms and tasting a popular attraction for tourists, but wine farms and grape growers have been struggling with the difficulties brought upon the industry during the pandemic.

Michelin-star South African chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen is the founder and owner of JAN, a restaurant in Nice, France, which is supporting the South African wine industry by serving only South African wines with their pairing list with the chef also taking to Facebook to raise awareness for the initiative.

"South African wineries are going through an immense crisis at the moment. At Restaurant JAN in France, we’ve made the decision to serve only South African wines with our pairing menus, and to make South African wines exclusively available by the glass," van der Westhuizen said on Facebook.

He also asks for further support urging others from around the world to lend a helping hand during these trying times for the industry.

"Organisations across the globe are also stepping up to help our wineries survive this vicious ban on local sales. I challenge all South African Chefs and Sommeliers abroad to do the same, and to please support our amazing wineries as much as possible."

The wine industry is a massive contributor to South Africa's economy with around 320 million litres exported in 2019 according to Wines of South Africa organisation with around 86% of harvested grapes devoted to the making of wine. This providing around 300 000 jobs directly and indirectly.

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