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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Full list of level 4 permissions and restrictions



Published Apr 25, 2020


DURBAN - On Friday 1 May, South Africa’s National COVID-19 alert level will be lowered to level 4. This means that some activity will be allowed to resume, subject to extreme precautions. Here is the full list of permissions and restrictions allowed on level 4:



Mandatory cloth masks

Screening: public and workplaces

Hygiene and social distancing

Curfew: 8pm to 5am

Wholesale and Retail

Food, hygienic, cleaning, protective and babycare, stationery

Winter Clothing, bedding, heating

Medical suppliers

Fuel, coal, wood, gas and tobacco

Hardware supplies for qualified tradesperson, emergency repairs for homes and essential services

Chemicals, packaging and supply of Level 4 products


100% Level 4 products and inputs and paper

50% stationery, cement and construction material

100% Petroleum, Smelters, refineries and furnaces

Essential maintenance to prevent damage and to permit orderly shutdown

20% all other manufacturing

Transport and Logistics

Cargo for domestic and neighbouring countries and prioritisation of essential goods


Limited public transport


Online services and live streaming

Newspapers, broadcasting production for local broadcast

Services: Repair and emergency

Vehicle recovery services

Emergency car repairs

Emergency repair work including plumbers, electricians, glaziers and roof, locksmiths repairs.

Information and Communication

All telecoms technology

ICT equipment and airtime

Postal services and courier services for medical products of level 4

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Food agriculture and services (livestock) export agriculture

Essential fishing operations

Essential harvesting and storage activities

Flori-culture and forestry

Mining and Quarrying

100% coal production for Eskom

100% open cast mining

50% other

Electricity, gas and Water

All electricity, gas and water supply


Critical civil engineering and construction for public works projects (including water, energy, roads and bridges) critical maintenance and repairs

Accommodation and service

Isolation quarantine accommodation

Food delivery subject to curfew, not sit down

Domestic support

Live in staff and support for level 4 personnel

Health and welfare

Trade Union essential staff

All social work, care and relief

Funeral and cremation service

Wildlife Management

Sanitation, pest control, sewage and refuse removal

50% recycling (paper, glass, metal) including informal traders

Finance and business

If possible work from home

Support level 4 services including car and equipment rental

Private security

Call centres

Essential financial services

Payroll related workers


No alcohol or inter-provincial travel except those operations, returning to support level 4,

No international travel

No concerts, cinemas and gatherings

Limited exercise. No public gym

No alcohol

No passenger air and sea travel

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