Fundraiser provides contactless food parcels via SMS tokens

Published Jun 24, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Thornybush, a non-government organisation, has responded to the growing hunger of those in need during such difficult times with a safer alternative to food parcels by sending redeemable SMS tokens to those less fortunate.

The pandemic has forced many businesses finding innovative ways to keep their services going, although there are many great charities providing food parcels to the poor, one initiative has responded to the concern with a contactless method reducing the spread of the virus.

Thornybush had initially planned on providing assistance to those people living in poverty for just three months (May to July 2020), however, with the current state of the country, the organisation feels the effects of the pandemic will last until the end of the year and plans to extend their efforts until them.

“We started the Thornybush Family Food Fundraiser with the intention of sending actual parcels of food to each family, however, we discovered that there were some issues involved with this approach - mainly revolving around security and government guidelines,” said the organisation's quoted Kenneth Nyati as saying.

The concern led to the organisation's decision to instead provide SMS vouchers worth R500, allowing recipients to use the tokens at local grocery stores to purchase the essential items they may need.

The initiative urges all to donate what they can and to share the initiative with friends and family, as all help is needing.

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