Ghanaian Pallbearers: Coffin Dance Meme

Published May 2, 2020


By now, you have most likely seen the memes of a group of men dancing with a coffin to a catchy tune.

It is a team of Ghanaian pallbearers. Such services are typically used at funerals to lift the spirits of mourners.

However, with a slight edit and an added song, the video has gone viral being added to clips of doom.

The video has made it to one of the top memes of 2020.

Memes have a way of providing us with that needed laughter, especially, during the Covid-19 pandemic which has forced people to stay home.

The pallbearers, during the lockdown, are still providing their dancing displays at funerals, just on a smaller scale and shorter period while wearing protective clothing and face masks.

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