Juliet Harding. Picture: Facebook
Juliet Harding. Picture: Facebook

GoodLuck star Juliet Harding wants medical aid to pay for breast reduction

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published Jan 29, 2020

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Most medical aids consider a breast reduction operation as cosmetic surgery and do not pay for it.

But any women with disproportionately large breasts will tell you, that the need for the surgery is more than struggling to find clothes that fit in.  

Large breasts can cause back pain, neck pain and make it difficult to take part in physical activities.

GoodLuck's lead singer, Juliet Harding took to Facebook to challenge the medical aid's policy after she had paid for her own breast reduction operation.

She wrote: "So yesterday I had breast reduction surgery which went very well! It was a big decision for me because one the one hand a lot of people admired my big boobs and would tell me how lucky I was to have them, but then on the other hand, I was living in so much pain, every day."

"After many trips to the chiro and a few back specialists, we figured out that the best way to help my situation would be this surgery. Then the next part... paying for it. I sent off all my letters, motivations and drawings to medical aid hoping that they would cover it as a legitimate solution to preventing further back surgery later in life, but they declined," said Harding.

However, after paying for her own operation, Harding felt medical aids need to revisit their policy: "I didn't fight them because I was in a fortunate position to have saved the money for the op but now I'm thinking that I really should have because how many women can not afford it that really do need it? 

"I mean sure if it's cosmetic then no, but if there is a problem that has been motivated by doctors? Surely! I would like to challenge both Momentum (my current Medical Aid) and Discovery to both relook at this policy exclusion... Besides you don't think back surgery will be more expensive?!"

A fan, Kayleigh shared her experience about how she is fighting an ongoing battle with medical aid for her breast reduction operation too. 

"I 100% feel your pain. I've been trying since high school days to get a med aid to cover a reduction even partially. I've been with 3 different med aids since then and none of them would cover it. I even had a stress fracture to my spine which put me in bed for months - the physio linked it to my large breasts, but still med aid wouldn't cover it. 15 years later, I still, have back problems (gets worse every year) and haven't managed to afford the surgery," said Kayleigh.

Harding's post has created an ongoing debate about medical aid policies, singer, Tamara Dey, was one of the celebrities who agreed with Harding's call to change the medical aid policy: "Congratulations Queen! Hope you have a super speedy recovery! They should have paid for your surgery, I’m sorry, the system sucks and needs to change. Thank you for sharing! Sending love!" commented Dey. 

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