GrowBox: Helps communities build self sustainable urban farms

Published Aug 6, 2020


CAPE TOWN - GrowBox is an initiative that helps provide sustainable and eco-friendly farming to those in need with a recent expansion to help fight the challenges brought upon the Covid-19 pandemic to those less fortunate.

The pandemic has added immense pressure to those already struggling with many finding it even more difficult to feed themselves and their families. This is the exact reason why Renshia Manuel, GrowBox founder, started the organisation in efforts to help those struggling to grow their own fresh produce after her own personal experience.

GrowBox in partnership with NGO African Artists for Development(AAD) is aiming at uplifting financially challenged communities by teaching them sustainable farming methods and skills but to also sell their fresh produce at the ‘Urban Farmer’s Market’ which the organisations plan to also introduce as part of the Résistances 2020 programme which is a financial relief fund set up by AAD to support programmes affected by the pandemic.

"Covid-19 has hit people’s pockets. Some are unable to work and earn an income. We hope the project will go a long way in enabling skills development, economic growth and community development. Additionally, an element of self- pride, dignity and community cohesion that has crippled many communities on the Cape Flats during the pandemic will be restored," said Renshia Manuel,

The Urban Farmer’s Market provides space for local farmers in the community to sell their fresh produce but also space for local artisans to sell their work too.

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