File photo: AP Photo/Patrick Sison
The Self-Medication Manufacturers Association of SA compiled these tips to improve adherence to chronic medication:

1. Understand your medicine.

This means:

* Knowing what you’re taking it for and what the instructions are.

* Understanding side-effects and how to manage them.

* Telling your doctor about other medications you might be taking.

* Taking doses exactly as prescribed.

* Refilling prescriptions promptly.

* Keeping a written record of your medication.

* Checking with your doctor before stopping treatment, for any reason.

2. Set up medicine reminders.

It’s important to take your medicine at the same time every day. Simplify the process by doing it with meals or other daily events, like brushing your teeth. Other ways include:

* Use pill boxes with daily compartments.

* Set a reminder on your smartphone.

* Keep a medicine / treatment check list.

* Put a sticker or note where you’ll see it.

3. Look after your medicine.

Always store it as instructed, away from heat, light and moisture (never in the bathroom).

Keep it out of reach and sight of others. Your medicine may be good for you, but it could be dangerous for little ones.