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How drones can be used to fight Covid-19 ?

Published Apr 13, 2020



Drones may seem like the most fun toy to own which is often accompanied by a hefty price tag but their potential usage is limitless. As remotely piloted devices, drones eliminate human-to-human contact, which is essential, as we have come to know in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

How can drones be used in this fight?

Drones have the ability to access vastly remote places as well as densely populated areas. These abilities can be used by government officials to implement the rules of the lock-down. Broadcasting instructions and messages can be done more efficiently and poses less of a threat to officials.

With self-isolation being the hot topic, local governments have encouraged people to limit their movement and remain at home. This in turn, adversely affects the delivery business. Drones can be used in the pick up and delivery business to remove or reduce the spread of the virus by reducing human-to-human contact.

While health experts are still trying to fully understand the pandemic, it is said that the virus can last on surfaces for up to several hours to a couple of days. This makes public spaces a breeding ground for transmissions. Authorities can use agricultural spray drones as a method of disinfecting common areas. The speed and effectiveness of using drones compared to people physically disinfecting areas, is unparalleled.

With one of the symptoms being a high temperature, drones can be configured in such a way that their infrared cameras can be used to detect people's temperature. This is a sort of heat detection is a measure that authorities can use instead of people being on the frontlines.

The convergence of mankind and technology

Technology is a direct result of mankind's constant effort to make our lives more efficient. And yes, like all new concepts and ideals, they come with pro’s and con’s in their respective fields. However, it is up to each and every individual, whether they would like to make full use of the pro’ or whether they plan to exploit the con’.

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