This pill could end daily insulin jabs for diabetics. File photo: INLSA
This pill could end daily insulin jabs for diabetics. File photo: INLSA

How one woman beat diabetes in 2 years

By Daily Mail Time of article published Sep 12, 2018

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Isobel Murray, 66, was one of the first patients to be put on the liquid diet to reverse diabetes. 

Her GP suggested she try the regime as part of a trial being run by Newcastle and Glasgow universities and the charity Diabetes UK.

She started the diet in 2014 weighing 15 stone, but over the next year and a half managed to shed four stone.

Murray, pictured, has managed to keep this weight off and in 2016 was told her diabetes was in remission and she didn’t need medication any longer.

Initially she was allowed only two shakes, usually vanilla and chocolate, and two soups, mushroom and vegetable, every day.

After 17 weeks she was able to start reintroducing solid foods. She reached her target weight after around two years.

The former civil servant, who lives in Largs in Ayrshire, said: ‘I was absolutely determined to do something about my diabetes.

‘The shakes don’t taste very good. I added spices and things like that to the soups.

‘I added a spoonful of coffee to the chocolate one and it tasted like a mocha and a bit of coffee to the vanilla one and it tasted like a latte. There were ways round it.’

Murray, who has two grown-up sons, added: ‘Although it’s been harsh it was so worth it.

‘I was an 18 going into a 20 dress size and I now wear a 12. You can get your life back and be well and fit and healthy.’

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