How Taiwan beat the Covid-19 outbreak

Published Jun 5, 2020



With only 443 confirmed coronavirus cases of which 428 have fully recovered, Taiwan’s success in beating the Covid-19 outbreak was through communication using viral memes, animal mascots and digital campaigns.

The country with a population of 23,7 million recorded seven deaths and part of their success was by restricting travel and isolating infected patients early.

Knowing the effectiveness of viral content through social media, the state employed comedians to create viral memes and used animal mascots to inform the public about the safety measures that needed to be adhered to.

"Comedians are our most cherished colleagues and the pandemic in Taiwan actually strengthened our democracy,” Taiwan's digital minister Audrey Tang said at the TED 2020 conference.

Children continued to attend school and were separated with plastic partitions, and residents had access to free masks.

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