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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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How to get your child ready for eLearning

Published May 3, 2020


DURBAN – The national lockdown has left many parents are considering electronic learning methods for their children. However, some parents are cautious of this idea as they feel unprepared and overwhelmed with helping their children learn from home. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your child for eLearning: -

1) How to become an effective digital learner

Digital learning requires self-discipline, motivation and will power. Children will be able to learn these traits with the help of a strict time schedule and an adult sitting in on their lessons so that they are not left up to their own devices.

2) Get the correct technology

A laptop or desktop would help your child to be able to interact with the online class as well as see all the work that the teacher has set out. The device that would be streaming the lesson should be placed away from the child to avoid any temptation.

3) Time management

Teachers and parents should be in constant communication with each other. A schedule with lesson plans and times should be released to parents ahead of time in order for parents to plan their child’s day. The eLearning schedule should be similar to a normal school schedule in order to help the child stay in a routine and stick to any deadlines.

4) An adult should be present at all times

To avoid children from interfering with the camera, microphone or simply leaving the room. Having an adult present would help the child understand that the eLearning lessons are serious and compulsory.

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