EXERCISE: Exercising is good for your heart.
With South Africa counted as one of the worst affected nations by heart disease, if you are not directly affected by the disease, you probably know of someone who has it.

Have you wondered what you should do or shouldn't be doing or eating to put your heart at risk?

Dr Graeme Blake, homeopath and chiropractor, says not taking good care of your teeth and gum problems may eventually lead to serious heart problems.

“Many of the organisms affecting the teeth impact on the heart valves. Typically stress that can't find a voice such as chronic anger and frustration may put your heart at a great risk.

"The stress raises the fight and flight hormone cortisol, which in turn makes sugar and insulin more available to the body. If the increase in sugars is not burnt through exercise over time, it leads to abdominal fat, and can lead to a fatty liver.”

FRUIT: Eating healthy will help your heart.

Dr Laila Suleman, a specialist physician and intensivist at Life Kingsbury Hospital, says: “Most people get busy and compromise on their exercise regime. Work hard to avoid obstacles preventing you from getting regular exercise for overall physical and heart health."

Suleman suggests eating a variety of nutritious foods from different food groups and counting calories one takes to avoid weight gain.

Eating more nuts, seeds and fruit and veg has been associated with a healthy heart.

Blake warns that going overboard with exercise is not good. “Don't overdo the endurance or cardio exercises,” he said.