How to make a lockdown birthday memorable and fun

Published Apr 15, 2020


DURBAN - With people being encouraged to stay indoors and maintain physical distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, those whose birthdays happen to coincide with the lockdown have gotten creative and are not allowing the pandemic to spoil their celebrations.

Although the absence of a fun party with friends may be a letdown, here are a few ideas on how to make a birthday during lockdown memorable and fun while also practising physical distancing:

Host a virtual “party” - this is perhaps the most obvious and popular method for having a birthday party. Send out an invitation to gather on Zoom or Google Hangouts at a certain time and then have everyone sing Happy Birthday while the birthday girl or boy cuts the cake.


Themed Day - Have a themed day, It wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without lots of decorations. Fill the house with streamers, signs, balloons and play their favorite tunes to set the mood just right.

Send a special treat or gift - Luckily there are many online shopping options, so there is no excuse for withholding presents from the birthday girl or boy. Lift their spirits by sending a favorite treat even if it will only arrive once the lockdown regulations have been lifted.

Send a playlist of their favourite songs - Show them how well you know them with a special birthday playlist they can dance out to in celebration. It keeps spirits high and shows you care.

Partake in their favorite activity - If you’re self-quarantining with someone celebrating a birthday, spend some quality time together doing a favorite activity. Indulge in whatever brings them joy during these trying times.

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