How trapped emotions can be bad for your health

Emotional baggage can cause physical illness. Picture: Pexels

Emotional baggage can cause physical illness. Picture: Pexels

Published Sep 3, 2019


When you’re holding onto a lot of heavy, negative emotions it can block other good things from entering into your life and prevent you from being present in your current relationships. 

It can also create stumbling blocks for your overall growth and development.

Emotional baggage may be the cause of the following symptoms and more:

- Physical illnesses and disease

- Inability to give and receive love

- Inability to fully feel positive emotions

- Feelings of depression, loneliness, and isolation

- Self-sabotage and creative blocks

- Abundance issues and the inability to succeed

Discovered and developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, a renowned holistic physician in the US, the Emotion Code is a technique that could help people to get rid of their emotional baggage, enabling them to be freer, happier and healthier.

Dr Nelson realised that his patient’s aches and pains were originating from more than just physical causes, they were emotional. He coined the phrase “Trapped Emotions” to describe the negative energies that become trapped in the body during stressful and emotional events.

How it works

Using the technique of muscle testing, an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner (ECCP) can tap into the subconscious mind to try to identify and release hidden harmful emotional energies that cause depression or anxiety, block people from love and happiness, and make them feel disconnected from others. 

Muscle testing can be done in three possible ways: by proxy, in person or surrogacy. “Because trapped emotions are made of energy, they exert an influence on the physical body and on mental and emotional wellness and can very often cause pain and even disease,” said Brenda Kofi, an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner (ECCP) based in Cape Town. 

“Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal physically, and emotional difficulties can often disappear. In addition to anxiety and depression, some of the conditions that might be treated include panic attacks, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, hormonal problems, insomnia, infertility, morning sickness and many more.”

The subconscious mind is the ultra-intelligent computer system of the body. It knows just what you need in order to be healthy and happy, Kofi added. “The EC uses questions and muscle testing to get information from the subconscious about a Trapped Emotion. Once the emotion is identified it could be released using a magnet over the Governing Meridian, a major channel in the acupuncture system.

How can the emotion code help you?

Kofi says most people say that the EC helps them feel lighter and freer: The results depend on how many trapped emotions you have, how you interact with the technique, and how quickly your body responds after the trapped emotions are removed.

“Releasing these emotions could help to restore balance to the body, possibly allowing its natural healing ability to return. This could help the body recover gently from ailments and gain a stronger immune system too."

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