What you wear can affect your health. PICTURE: Visual Hunt

This week: Scarves can trigger spots.

Some clothing can trigger acne mechanica, acne caused by friction on the skin. It’s most common where straps press, such as under a bra, around the chin if you wear a bike helmet or where backpacks lie on shoulders.

Scarves pressed against the chin by thick coat collars can also trigger outbreaks, says Lee Garrett, an aesthetic nurse practitioner in Harley Street. ‘The spots are quite painful, red and hard, and often appear in clusters around the jawline and neck,’ he says.

Reducing friction will help, and the spots will respond to standard acne treatments, such as creams containing benzoyl peroxide.

But pressure isn’t the only reason scarves trigger spots. ‘Some people may be allergic to washing powder or to lanolin if the scarf is made of wool,’ says Mr Garrett. ‘Dirty scarves can also cause breakouts as bacteria comes into contact with the skin.’

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