The risk of you transporting germs by hand are greater, which is why you have to wash them regularly. Picture: Pexels
The risk of you transporting germs by hand are greater, which is why you have to wash them regularly. Picture: Pexels

Hygiene tips: It's not just about washing your hands

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Apr 29, 2020

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We use our hands every day. We use it to type, cook, workout (from home at the moment), shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. But you get the drift. That said, the risk of you transporting germs by hand are greater. 

During the Covid-19 global pandemic, there has never been a greater need to ensure greater hygiene to help flatten the curve. 

On that note, Themba Ndlovu of Clere for Men shares his top hygiene tips to help stop germs from spreading in our homes:

  • Keep a surface disinfectant solution nearby to wipe down areas before and after use, especially when handling food. It is no use having clean hands and a dirty countertop.

  • Out of sight out of mind, flip this phrase on its head. Always have a hand sanitiser close to you; on your desk, or whatever workstation you may be using at home, your nightstand and even your coffee table or TV stand. This will remind you to use it frequently. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers should be used to rid your hands of germs. 

  • Wash your linen every week. Not only will this help stop the spread of unwanted germs, there is also no better feeling than climbing into freshly washed sheets after a warm shower.

  • People tend to forget that fingernails, particularly under the nails, are a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep them short and neat with nail clippers and make sure you wash and sanitise them thoroughly.

  • Warm damp areas are a favourable habitat for germs. Wash your bath and hand towels regularly and store them in a clean well-ventilated area.

  • Every new dawn should be accompanied by a fresh set of socks. Just because your socks do not ‘seem’ dirty does not mean they are not. Pop them in the washing basket when you step into the shower.

  • An increase in handwashing and sanitising can lead to dry, flakey skin, which is not only uncomfortable but also does not look great. Use either a lotion or hand cream to keep your skin moisturised all the time. 

Pro tip: If you decide to spend your day in pyjamas, make sure they’re fresh. Never sleep in the same pyjamas that you were wearing all day.

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