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IOL Health goes green for its April 2021 edition

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published Apr 1, 2021

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One of the biggest obstacles to eating healthier is that we often believe that it is more expensive.

With changing, diet comes a change in lifestyle and your grocery shopping list, but this doesn't have to be this difficult.

Even when I started exercising more regularly, I realised that it’s not that difficult, the hardest part was getting started and staying committed.

In this month’s edition, we give you all the tips, tools, and tricks to go greener and healthier.

We look at the concept of a greener lifestyle and inexpensive meals that support this lifestyle.

Becoming vegan is no longer a fad, it has proven to help people lose weight and also offer an array of additional health benefits such as better heart health.

A healthier lifestyle and going vegan should not exclude the little ones, introduce your kids to this way of life.

In this bumper edition, we give a story about vegan parents and the perfect guide to vegan lunch boxes.

Going green does not stop in the kitchen, so we give some advice on how to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into your daily routine.

In your garden going green is easier than you think and it could have a health benefit as well.

In this edition, we give you the best plants to buy that have even greater health benefits for the whole family.

If you have been one of the people that have been complaining about the exorbitantly high prices of ginger, we take you through the process of growing your own garlic and ginger.

Use this edition as a springboard to launch yourself into a healthier, greener way of living, eating, and relaxing.

Read the latest issue here.

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