Kate Bosworth keeps in shape by regularly doing Pilates. (AP Photo/Sanford Myers)
Kate Bosworth keeps in shape by regularly doing Pilates. (AP Photo/Sanford Myers)

Kate Bosworth keeps in shape with Pilates

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jul 3, 2019

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Kate Bosworth keeps in shape by regularly doing Pilates and swears by her own personal trainer.

The 36-year-old actress is known for her toned physique and rigorous training regime, and now the star has revealed that her body has "totally transformed" since taking up the exercise, which consists of low-impact flexibility and endurance movements.

She said: "I love Pilates! I take lessons from a very classical teacher. I also love training with Stephanie Watson, a personal trainer based in Los Angeles. 

"She has totally transformed my body with specific low impact strength training. I have never felt better and more centred and strong. She's brilliant."

And the 'Blue Crush' star explained that her latest fashion love is her new Chloe bag, which she is the "first to own" in the world. 

She added: "My new Chloé bag! It's the most beautiful baby shade of blue/dove grey. The newest nod to the original Paddington lock bag - from early 2000s - and if you believe rumours, I'm the first to own it in the world."

The 'Tate' actress went on to admit that she chooses her outfits for red carpets based on where the event is situated.

She told Vogue Australia: "I think specifically on the place and what the event reflects."

And Kate opened up about what it's like to be a woman in Hollywood and insisted she feels less "vulnerable" than ever before.

She said: "You've got to ask me on the day. Today I feel great. But in general, I think there's a lot of relief from a lot of women in my industry. I really adore the support that's genuine. 

"I feel less vulnerable because I think we all felt like we were on our own - we were all in the same building, but each in rooms with the door closed. And now the doors are thrust open. 

"There's a lot of strength and empowerment that comes from that. But there's a film that I'm thinking about doing right now, that I was offered three times less than the male. Same exact amount of work. And I drew a line."

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